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Lynn Adams - Jewelry
Brian Andreas - Sculpture
Archipelago - Candles
Art of Sea Glass
- Jewelry
Baldwin Toys - Woodworking
Charlotte Barnard - Jewelry

Deborah Barone - Frames
Jude Bijou
- Author
Bud Bottoms - Sculpture
Blue Water Pottery
- Ceramics
Christine Brennan - Painter
Kerry Brooks - Ceramics
Peggy Buchanan - Painter
Nancy Clark - Handweaver

Cover Up - Fabrics
Creative Works - Pottery
Dalton Quips - Painter
Jeanne Dana - Plaques
Dandee - Silk Scarves
Danny K. Tapestry - Fabrics
Julia E. Dean - Pottery
Dickenson Woodworking - Cutting Boards
Dog Star Design - Ceramics
Erda - Leather
522 Art Glass - Glasswork
Funktini - Glasswork
John Gherini - Author
Great Alaska Bowl Co. - Woodworking
Sharon Gellerman - Fabrics
Betsy J. Green - Author
Keith Gray Hale - Author
Judee Hauer - Painter
Amy Hazard
- Jewelry
Barbara Heard - Ceramics
Heartwood - Woodworking
Ron Hinkle - Glass
Arlene Horvath - Jewelry
Kathleen Hubbard - Jewelry

Erik Jorgensen - Woodworking
LA Glass - Glasswork
Allison Lee - Sculpture

Stephen Lewis - Photography
Lollipop Pottery - Ceramics
Sergio Lub - Jewelry

Kevin N Anna - Jewelry
Arthur Korb - Jewelry
Maruca Purses - Accessories
Valerie McLean - Fiber/Felt
John McKinney - Author
Randy Meaney - Mixed Media

Danae Michele - Fashion Accessories
Virginia Miska - Jewelry
100 Horses - Ceramics
Puppy Pad Pieces - Accessories
Pom Jewelry
- Jewelry
Picotte Wind Chimes - Wind Chimes
Jeff Price - Glass

Refugio Gardens - Lotions
Lynn Richardson - Author
Dave Robertson - Jewelry
Carolyn Roche - Jewelry
Sabbath-Day Woods - Woodworking

SB Soap Co. - Handmade Soap
Sisters - Jewelry/Ceramics
Kavita Singh - Silk Clothing
Karin Shelton - Painter
Solmate Socks - Fabrics

Edward M. Spaw - Ceramics/Painter
Story People - Books, Cards & Throws

Steve Thomas - Illustrator
Genie Thomsen - Ceramics
Nina de Creeft Ward - Sculpture
Joyce Wilson - Photography
Woollyfeet - Fashion Accessories

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Joyce Wilson

Joyce Wilson's remarkable career spans half a century, and although laurels keep landing in Joyce's corner, it is her work that speaks volumes, telling three stories of a distinguished career. In 1961, she photographed children in a local Santa house, and during film delivery to the studio, realized her earlier art training could be useful. She was soon oil painting photographic portraits for local photographers, but felt the portraits of children were contrived and ordinary. She purchased a Rollicord, and enrolled in an evening photography class. After practice and experimenting with her family as subjects, and honing her darkroom skills, Joyce announced to her friends that she was in business. A workshop with the legendary pictorialist Adolf "Papa" Fassbender in 1965, gave her insight into the aesthetics of photography, and her small portrait studio was growing. When her husband died in 1970, she convinced her banker to give her a year to make her business profitable. Joyce put her passion for art on hold for the next 20 years in order to work commercially and raise her three children.

Her business thrived with portrait and commercial assignments, and intertwined was a full schedule of lectures and teaching throughout the world. Joyce has been featured since 1990 as a member of the Fuji Talent Team, and is in demand to share her knowledge and experience. Her images have appeared in advertising usage by Fuji Film, Prudential
Insurance, Kodak, Mamiya America, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Peggy Buchanan

Peggy Buchanan began her painting career with a blue ribbon in watercolor at the Laguna Beach Art Festival at age 8. After a hiatus of almost fifty years and an international career in health and fitness, she nurtures her soul with a new diet and is painting once again.
Peggy is a member of SCAPE, Santa Barbara Art Association and was accepted into the Goleta Valley Art Association with three juror’s blue ribbons her first year.

Peggy taught physical education and coached high school athletics, but is better known for her 33 years leading the Santa Barbara Jazzercise program and is currently the director of Fitness, Aquatics and Physical Therapy at Vista del Monte retirement community.

Peggy believes the “art” of health and wellbeing is achieved by participating in an active lifestyle while appreciating the beauty that surrounds us and enjoying the happiness from with-in.

Lynn Fogel

My earliest memory of creating art was when I was just a baby, drawing with crayons on the walls or anywhere that I could find a drawing surface.

After graduating from the New England School of Art & Design and the Montserratt College of Art, in Beverly, Massachusetts in the late 80's, I've been painting prolifically that hundreds of my paintings and Giclee reproductions are now hanging on walls throughout the world.

As a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, my works are occasionally displayed at different venues. Several of my paintings have been reproduced into limited editions and are currently being sold on the Princess Cruise Line ships in their auctions worldwide.

My most recent milestone is to have eleven of my paintings as permanent fixtures in the main lobby and other areas of the new Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara.

I wish for you to get inspiration and a joy in viewing my work as much as I receive in creating them.

Kevin N Anna

Kevin and Anna have a small workshop in Los Angeles which opened in 1997. The subject of our work is based on the many colors and elements found in nature. Most important for us, is to create unique and interesting pieces of jewelry, handmade and original in their color, texture and shape for our customers. Variations in the pieces are intrinsic to the artistic value of the pieces which are painted by hand. We use only the finest components in our designs, which consist of 925 & 950 silver, and have no pewter, nickel and lead in them.

This is the perfect jewelry to add inspiration and passion to your collection or to give to someone you care about. Handmade jewelry made in the U.S. which is good quality, affordable, unique and fun!

Bruce Cobb

I began my training in glassblowing in 1976, as an apprentice at the Pairpoint Glass Company in Sagamore, Massachusetts. The work fascinated me, and I advanced rapidly through the stages of apprenticeship. In 1980, Pairpoint opened a second plant in New Bedford and the photo below shows me reheating a piece in the "glory hole" at the new plant.

In 1983, I took a job at a printing company, while working on building the glassblowing equipment I needed, as time and money permitted. Finally, in 1985 I began operation of my own studio in downtown Pittsfield, NH, becoming a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen shortly thereafter.

I work without a helper, and do not use molds. Each piece therefore is distinctly my own, and is unique. I use a technique based on the (19th century American) Lily Pad Design for much of my work. My lily Pads have a cleaner, more contemporary look, however, and are often referred to as 'waves'. The Lily Pads, besides being decorative, also perform as grippers, making it less likely for an item to slip out of one's hand. They also provide extra sturdiness to the work.

Virginia Miska

My work reflects my love of nature, drawing, and carving in miniature.
Since 1989 I have been designing and wholesaling animal-themed jewelry to many types of stores and catalogs. Cats and wildlife are depicted in whimsical and enchanting settings in my line of sterling silver jewelry. Comfort, simplicity and nature's beauty are at the core of these designs with a hand-wrought style. All focal pieces are derived from my original designs. They are hand carved in metal clay and cast in sterling silver. The components used in my designs are of the highest quality, made by companies right here in the western United States.


At Archipelago Botanicals our passion lies in creating products that help you experience ultimate relaxation & rejuvenation - and our benefit-rich Havana bath & body collection is no exception, boasting ingredients straight from the islands such as coffee, jojoba and tobacco flower and botanical extracts of orange, sugar cane & pineapple. The antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids found in these natural ingredients, known to actively hydrate and reduce the redness associated with dry skin, are infused into our body lotion, body wash, bath salt, bath oil and shave and hand cream formulations. The unique "green" packaging make this luxurious collection perfectly giftable; its sophisticated fragrance - based on our bestselling home fragrance blend of Ylang Ylang, Tobacco Flower and Bergamot - has clean, citrus finish and is enjoyed by men and women alike.

Barbara Heard

All of my ceramics are hand thrown using the potter's wheel, and adding clay cut outs and other components by hand. Each piece is hand glazed, painted or pit fired to create the beautiful variety of colors and finishes. To accent my work, I attach collected bird feathers, natural sticks and branches, raffia, and iron nails. I work at my studio in San Diego throwing on the potter's wheel and firing in my large 41 cubic foot kiln and 4 smaller kilns. I make all the work myself by hand. Variations in the color, size, finish and other qualities are inherent in handmade work. The photo of each piece is a representative sample of the appearance of the handmade product. No two pieces are identical.

Judee Hauer

An avid dumpster diver/ collector from the age of eight in Brooklyn, New York, J.L. Hauer pursued a "spotty amount" of art education and eventually graduated as an English major from a California university.

She wants her figures to remain ambiguous and defies putting a label on them. Her "people" are caught between "opulence and starvation".

J.L.'s work has been shown at Carnegie Museum, Ventura County Museum of History and Art, and several galleries in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Ojai, and Cambria. She has won several first place competition awards.

Jeff Price

The year I was born was the year my father built his first glass-blowing studio in our back yard. Both of my parents blew glass for many years. From an early age I would watch them with wonderment. They were having such great fun that I knew I also wanted to blow glass when I "grew up."

All of my glass is hand-blown by me. I use many techniques, some very old, some quite new. They are all very different, but each produces a very striking, memorable effect.


Erik Jorgensen

Erik lives on the coast of Virginia with his wife and two sons. Woodworking started out as a way to relax after a hard day at the office. It has now turned into a full time career. Most of the wood purchased is from local vendors. Endangered species are not used. Some of the wood is recycled from tree surgeons who remove it for natural or safety reasons. Some of the wood is one of a kind, therefore, will not be found anywhere else in the USA.

Selecting woods that are not only unusual but are spectacular in grain figure is one aspect of creating one of a kind pieces. Many of the batches of wood purchased contain both the heart and sap wood from the tree. The sap wood in most exotic trees has a major color contrast to the center part of the tree. This color is typically white and adds great character to the gift. I hope you enjoy my woodwork.

John McKinney

John McKinney is the author of 20 books about hiking, parklands and nature, including The Hiker's Way: Hike Smart. Live Well. Go Green. For 18 years, McKinney, a.k.a. The Trailmaster, wrote a weekly hiking column for the Los Angeles Times and now writes articles and commentaries about nature and outdoor recreation for both print and online publications. A passionate advocate for the environment and our need to reconnect to nature, McKinney also shares his expertise on radio, TV, and online.



Genie Thomsen

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Genie Thomsen was introduced to clay early in life by her mom who brought home projects that Genie would embellish.

After earning her MFA degree in 1986, Genie returned home to produce and sell her artwork. She was offered a teaching position at Ventura College and the Adult Education Program in Santa Barbara in 1996, where she continues to teach.

Clay has been Genie's passion for over forty years. She enjoys sharing that passion with all of her students.

Solmate Socks

Marianne Wakerlin, the Socklady, is founder and owner of Solmate Socks. Her history with knitting goes back to when she was 9 years old and her mother, Sunny, taught her how to knit. After years of producing beautiful sweaters, hats, mittens and scarves, she discovered the joy of knitting socks. Within ten years, dozens of friends and family members received her colorful mismatched creations.

"I found it exhilarating, designing a pair of socks that didn't match and were knit with original patterns in sharply contrasting colors." Marianne knit over one hundred pairs of socks, each more elaborately designed than the last, and everybody loved them. It was time to turn her hobby into a business.

Solmate Socks was founded in 2000, in the Socklady's hometown in central Vermont. Her colorful and complex patterns are knit in the USA at a small family owned knitting mill, then finished and inspected by hand before finally being mismatched with their "solmate."

Denise Greenwood

My work is mostly dysfunctional, mostly fun fun fun, & almost all about FACES! I do have a few functional pieces which are all best sellers.Art is life. Like the long deep sigh of the soul, it affects me on every level. I can't imagine my life without art, nor would I want to. A soulful, mysterious meditation is manifested in the faces & figures I sculpt. My passion feeds off the art & the art grows up from my passion. It is a brilliant mirror which I hold up to myself & bare all. For me, there is no separation. Life is art.

Lesley McKeown

Born in Kansas City not long after both her parents graduated from KC Art Institute, Lesley was exposed to art and design at an early age. Her father, Byron McKeown created studio art jewelry during the modern jewelry art movement of the 1960's and Lesley uses his jewelry bench today (shown left). Her mother, Deanne McKeown a nationally recognized sculptor also creates jewelry. It was this nurturing environment that enabled her to recognize and eventually express these creative proclivities and develop the skills to be a successful professional artist.

Acquiring basic metal smithing skills as an apprentice with a southwestern silversmith she became smitten with the silver and the sculptural possibilities of metal. Though primarily self- taught, Lesley has attended several classes and acquired various techniques through private and master class instruction. Her techniques include fabrication, hollow form, shell form, anit-clastic and synclastic raising, mokume gane, keumboo, etching, roller printing, sand casting and a variety of texture and coloration techniques. An abiding interest in Geology is at the core of many of Lesley's creations and the unique and unusual cabochons are a signature of her work.

In her spare time Lesley's other interests include oil painting, welding, organic and sustainable gardening, slow food cooking, environmental politics and renewable energy. She maintains a home and studio in the lovely high mountains of northern Arizona which she shares with her partner Steven and Samson (the Wonder Dachshund).

Christine Brennan

Often dreamlike and enigmatic, Christine Brennan’s work features a host of symbolic and allegorical references. Brennan’s images draw from the unconscious leading the viewer into richly lit narratives that evoke personal stories and associations.

Christine Brennan studied at the Rhode Island School of Design earning a B.F.A. in illustration. She is currently represented by galleries throughout the United States. She has had numerous shows in galleries from Washington State to Vermont, and her work is included in many private and public collections. She paints and makes jewelry out of her home studio in Ojai California where she lives with her furniture maker husband Jim McCarthy.

Laurie Leonard

I use miniature reproductions of my watercolors in settings that are cast in pewter from my original models that I sculpted in an air dry clay that dries hard enough to withstand the casting process.

All of the images that I use in my jewelry are reproductions of my paintings. I used to show and sell my watercolors at art shows and started 'playing around' with jewelry about 5 years ago. I no longer sell my paintings and have taught myself how to do all aspects of this technique of making jewelry. I am still learning, but am enjoying the journey.

Jude Bijou

Jude Bijou is a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT), an educator in Santa Barbara, California and the author of triple finalist, Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life (Riviera Press, 2011).

As the daughter of a famous pioneer in the field of behavioral child psychology and applied behavior analysis, Jude's upbringing sounds like it would be pretty cool. There was just one problem: she was miserable.

Earning a BA in psychology from Reed College and a master's in psychology from Carleton University, she became a marriage and family therapist. Success was attained, yet something was still missing. Looking eastward, she immersed herself in the world of meditation and Vedic philosophy. The result: an integrated, truly holistic approach to viewing ourselves and our relationships with others. Her award-winning system, Attitude Reconstruction was birthed into the world.

Mike Rider

I grew up at the beach in Southern California. I learned to surf at a young age, back when long boards were the only boards and no one wore wetsuits, even in winter. Living near the beach and the nearby inland valleys has shaped how I see things and what I appreciate. I have always tried to identify why things look the way they do and what makes some things more interesting and beautiful than others.

Capturing the delights of everyday life in watercolor has become my
passion. My technical background gives me a more realistic perspective and I thoroughly enjoy finding the detail in the midst of the big picture. I
like to recognize familiarity of the people, place, and scene in a painting.

That is what makes a work of art more worthwhile for me. Familiar scenes of favorite activities and events add a touch more than just the quality of the art.

Stacy Harkins

Stacy Harkins Handcrafted Jewelry juxtaposes the sparkling clarity of gemstones with the textures of hand-hammered metals, creating jewelry with a romantic yet organic feeling.

Using genuine gemstones and high quality metals, I have created a handcrafted jewelry collection inspired by the colors and textures of my materials and the natural world. My focus is on creating clean yet intricate lines and harmonizing the colors of gemstones, from the soft and subtle to the bold and bright.

Having grown up in my mother's craft gallery, I have a longstanding appreciation of artisan handcrafts, and feel lucky to continue that tradition. Each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand in my studio in Washington, D.C..


Nancy Clark

My first weaving studio was an outdoor patio adjoining our country home on the Greek island of Paros in 1971. There, in view of the turquoise Aegean Sea, nestled among lemon and olive groves, drenched with sunlight from a cloudless, brilliant open sky, I taught myself tapestry techniques on a primitive hand-built loom, tension provided by a large marble boulder attached at the bottom with rope. When my husband and I returned to our native Missouri, I continued weaving tapestries for two more years, but then I took a beginning weaving class using a small four-harness table loom. My tapestry weaving days were over.

I have continued to weave fabrics on a wide variety of floor and table looms, producing highly textured and colorful accessories such as scarves, shawls, and simple, elegant garments I call hugs and cozies. My weaving hobby transitioned into a full-time business in 1993. Currently I participate in national juried art shows, selling to the public and to a number of shops and galleries from coast to coast, and I am involved in a wide variety of fiber-related guilds and organizations.

Stephen Lewis

For Stephen Lewis, landscape photography has always been his preferred mode of artistic expression because it offers the opportunity to share travel, nature, and the world around him in a creative and visual way. A Santa Barbara resident since he was 3, Stephen first made photographs in elementary school with a waterproof 35mm point-and-shoot film camera. As digital overtook analog, he became fascinated with the intersection of photography, post-processing, and digital effects which he puts to use in his "painterly" landscape style.

Kerry Brooks

Kerry Brooks has been a potter since 1988. She learned to throw in Ann Arbor, MI and has been working as full-time studio potter in Minneapolis, MN since 1997. She works primarily in wheel-thrown, high-fired stoneware. Her pots are fired to about 2400 degrees in a natural gas kiln so pieces without fused glass can be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Pots with fused glass are primarily decorative but can be used with dry foods and should be hand-washed. All of Kerry's pots are durable and they will not lose their vibrant colors over time. She hopes you will enjoy her pottery for both its function and its art.

Robert Held

Born in Santa Ana, California, Robert Held aspired to be an artist from an early age. His father, a sculptor, only lived six years of his son's life, but passed on the talent and appreciation of art that gave Robert the beginnings of a quest to create beauty in form and color.

Robert uses techniques that date back as long ago as 2000 B.C. however, his collections range from classic to contemporary. Some works are inspired by the paintings of famous artists such as Monet and Klimt, while others take inspiration from photographers and even interior designers. Our studio prides itself on providing its customers with a large selection of affordable hand-blown gift items, as well as Robert Held's individual creations for the serious collector.

Steve Thomas

Canadian native Steve Thomas was born and raised in southern Ontario. Thomas went to school in Ohio for informational graphics and started working in the art department at a newspaper in Pittsburgh. He met his wife, a fellow Canadian, while in the 'Burgh and moved to the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Steve Thomas worked for another newspaper there creating graphics and illustration before switching over to the online publication. Working as a freelance illustrator, Steve's commercial work has paired him with Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, The Muppets, Hasbro and Star Trek. Heavily influenced by the Golden Age of Illustration, Steve Thomas' vintage 1930's style posters capture the beauty and unique nature of California's Central Coast.

Chris West

Chris grew up in the foothills of Ventura, CA. It was a wonderful and adventurous place for a boy to roam. There were wild animals all around his house and red-tailed hawks in the sky above. At night he read Hardy Boy adventure stories and fell asleep to the sound of coyotes and crickets outside his window. One of his many dreams was that of being a cowboy, inspired by TV westerns like Bonanza, Gun Smoke and his favorite, The Lone Ranger. A nearby cattle ranch and horse stable provided the perfect back drop to play buckaroo. Summer vacations were spent fishing the Mammoth Lakes and traveling through South west states where he became fascinated with the Old West, ghost towns and Indian Reservations

Now grown up, Chris enjoys building every thing from stick horses to tree houses, helping children to run wild with their own imagination. Like the smell of a camp fire that remains in your clothes, he wants to help create fond memories that will last long after their youth has blazed away.

When it comes to women, "there's nothing prettier than a girl in west ern wear. Boots, chaps, and cowboy hats, I love it all." That being said, Chris set out to create some fresh cowgirl fashions of his own. The results have been amazing! Using up-cycled cowboy boots, leather belts, western buck les and horse reins, a clever boot purse was created. Women every where from little girls to grandmas are snatching up these one of a kind purses. Other beautiful works include western wine totes, holster purses on decorative concho belts and fringed leather aprons, popular with waitresses and country line dancers.

Story People

We’re a diverse group of people, artists, activists, healers, tinkerers. We talk, we laugh, we eat great food & drink great wine, sometimes we disagree (passionately) & sometimes we agree (equally passionately) & it’s all part of the same gift of being alive together. Our wish is that other people experience this amazing world we live in as a world of imagination & possibility & healing. We believe our stories do that. (& that’s not just StoryPeople stories, but all our stories…) We believe (fiercely) in the power of stories, not because they’re our stories, but because it is valuable & right to protect the precious connections between people.

That’s who we are. We forget at times (isn’t it amazing how life sneaks up & steals your memory of who you want to be?), but mainly, we remember. It’s a future we’re creating together, every day, with each other & with each one of you. (Hopefully, you’re in a warmer place than we are…)



Great Alaskan Bowl Co.

Back in the 1800's the demand for large wooden bowls for making bread and for mixing and serving food kept many bowl mills in operation. The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is one of only a very few mills operating that use equipment designed from the machinery developed over a hundred years ago.

The Great Alaskan Bowl Company was established in 1991 to serve local and nationwide needs for a quality, one piece wooden bowl product. It has since become a premier visitor stop while in Interior Alaska serving both Fairbanks and Denali National Park.

A family run business, The Great Alaskan Bowl Company is intent on providing quality Made in Alaska and Made in America products in those it produces and by carrying a wide variety of exquisite and gourmet goods from across Alaska.